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H1 Safety Notice

Request a Repair Kit

We’ve identified a potential safety issue with H1 cases and have temporarily paused new sales. The two screws that attach the PCIe Riser assembly to the chassis may cause an electrical short circuit in the printed circuit board that may overheat and create the possibility of a fire hazard. While this issue impacts a small percentage of cases, we are playing it safe and are developing a simple-to-use repair kit that you can install without having to ship your case anywhere.

Which H1 cases are affected?
All H1 cases (models CA-H16WR-W1 and CA-H16WR-B1) may be affected. This includes purchases made through BLD. While we have identified this issue as a low probability occurrence, the absolute safest approach is to power down your H1 until a kit is sent out and the repair is made.

We are working closely with the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and the proper global authorities to ensure that we are doing everything we can to help NZXT customers. The CPSC’s function is to help people use products safely and we have been adhering to their strongly recommended schedule for releasing information to our suppliers and to the public. We’re taking this issue seriously and are working as quickly as we can to address it.

For additional questions, you can contact our Customer Support team:

Phone: 1-888-965-5520 (Mon–Fri, 8am6pm PST)

Get the H1 Repair Kit sent to you

And for the latest information, check our blog post.

Request a Repair Kit

A Repair Kit Has Been Prepared

Request a repair kit

Whether you purchased your H1 from NZXT or from a third party, you can request your simple-to-use repair kit below.


Request a Repair Kit

We ship the repair kit

We aim to send out the repair kits within the coming weeks so you can install it at home without having to ship your PC anywhere. We also have a temporary fix while you wait for your repair kit to arrive.


See Temporary Fix

Repair it

See our repair kit guide below. We also recommend:

      H1 walkthrough video
H1 panel removal guide
      Nylon Screw Kit


See Repair Kit Guide

Update 2/19/2021

We stepped up some resources and have begun the process of getting updated PCIe riser cable assemblies out earlier than we expected. We will start by sending cables out to all those who requested the initial repair kit (in the order the requests came in) in late February and then send to everyone who bought an H1 directly from us but have not requested the initial repair kit yet.  

This initial batch won't be enough to replace all the PCIe Gen 3 riser cable assemblies in existing H1s, but we will get more in the coming weeks. It is going to take some time to get enough supply, but we are aiming to get these out to everyone within the next 3 month

Please make sure you have filled in the form here if you would like extra help with installation, or would like to opt-out of receiving a replacement riser assembly. We will also continue to send the nylon screw repair kit out to everyone who requested it.